Frank Rausch

Medium-sized companies are having
to break new ground.

Supply chain resilience, digitalization, sustainability, hybrid working – all of these are placing high demands on corporate management, not only in terms of time but also in terms of what they do.

Frank Rausch, Senior-Consultant

Familiar management tools that have long proven their worth are not now capable of offering all the solutions needed to cope with these new, diverse and sometimes coinciding challenges. Approaches need to be adaptable to keep ahead of the game.

You know the situation: operational business calls the shots, and we are often left with just speedy and more habitual courses of action, with little time to consider visions of the near and distant future.

Do you need help navigating your company through the challenges of the modern business world?

As experts for 3 cornerstone modules



we will firstly guide you towards a dynamic and sustainable corporate strategy (Module 1). Further down the line, we can help you realize the requirements of medium-term charter of objectives for your supply chain (Module 2) and your organization (Module 3) as well. In an initial meeting, we’ll listen to your individual needs and provide the modules either sequentially or completely flexibly and independently of each other.

Module 1

Best market opportunities for your company by formulating a crystal-clear strategy

Module 2

Becoming resilient through the meaningful dovetailing of the supply chain with corporate strategy

Module 3

Developing future readiness with a vital and agile corporate structure

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Module 1


How do you want to steer your company
into a successful future?

The right strategy, the right roadmap, will help keep you on track. The milestones along the path are your vision and mission. Right at the beginning, the focus is on one key question:

How can you ensure that your company will still be a market force 3 to 5 years down the line?

The strategy we develop and the fields of action that result from it represent a path that inevitably leads towards a significant added value of a product and service. This provides your company with the competitive advantage it needs.

What we can
do for you

We work with you to develop and formulate the milestones – your vision and mission. In the next step, we will draw up a charter of objectives with you that accurately represent the medium-term goals of your company:



Together with your management team, we will divide this strategic charter of objectives into fields of action that precisely define the path along which these corporate goals can be achieved.
Module 2


Supply Chain

How resilient is your supply chain? Is your supply chain management anchored in the organization – end2end?

The entire value chain – from the raw material supplier to the customer – needs effective management. With supply chain management (SCM), the flows of goods, information and money are planned and controlled in an integrated and process-oriented fashion. Supply chain management provides an overall view of the essential business processes and is, by definition, a critical factor for your company’s success.

Has your supply chain been meaningfully connected to the goals of your business strategy?

Are the SCM strategies and goals – resilience, customer centricity, digitalization, efficiency, sustainability – described in concrete terms and do they comprehensively support your corporate strategy?

What we can
do for you

We look at your corporate strategy and use it to formulate the requirements for supply chain management, end2end from a holistic perspective. Together with your own experts, we check the maturity level of your supply chain/logistics. We perform a SWOT analysis, highlight solutions to possible conflicting goals and develop a mission statement for your supply chain/logistics. We distinguish between short-term and long-term potential – both quantitatively and qualitatively.

Module 3


Is your organization fit for the future?

Particularly in today’s world of upheaval and uncertainty, a successful business model needs two pillars: orientation and a value-based culture. Today, medium-sized companies are looking for the right balance between hierarchy, agile working and new work.

How future-proof is your organization?

Does it follow a two-pronged strategy, driving operations and disruptive innovation in equal measure?

What we can
do for you

Taking account of your corporate strategy and the specific needs of your company, we work with you to set up an organizational structure that is right for you and then support you during the transition. In doing so, we strengthen the accountability of your executives, introduce new agile approaches, and together create the framework for the type of cultural change that will energize your organization.

Frank Rausch Profil

“Thinking outside the box – implementing change uncompromisingly. That’s what I call being future ready.”

Frank Rausch, Senior-Consultant

Logistics and its complex challenges are topics that excited me early on in my professional career. I learned everything associated with this from the ground up and have now been an expert in the field for over 30 years. Having held top management positions at Schenker, Nedlloyd, DHL and Hermes, I have gained a wealth of experience, which I am now pleased to pass on to my clients today. As a senior consultant, I advise medium-sized companies in matters of corporate strategy, supply chain/logistics and organization/leadership.

I grew up in Sauerland and have been living in Hamburg for many years. This has impacted the way I think and what I do, combining pragmatism with vision.

Something my clients can significantly benefit from is my horizontal and vertical expertise in national and international logistics segments (B2B, B2C, C2C) across all forms of transportation.

Drawing on my wealth of experience in senior management positions, I am very familiar with the complex challenges facing executives and the gruelling demands placed on them. I see myself as a facilitator and work closely with internal cross-functional project teams – from the analysis through to developing strategies and their concrete implementation. I make sure that the projects have broad support within the company and that team members work closely together with me. It is this joint approach that achieves the goal.

Whether we are dealing with corporate strategy, supply chain or organization, I approach all of my work with a strong focus on strategy and operational competence. After having completed the analysis and design, I will accompany you – if requested – during the implementation until the individual modules are up and running.